Supply Chain Solutions

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We are here to provide EDI solutions to help eliminate supply chain challenges for you. We have a range of EDI offerings – so, head over to know more about our solutions that can help with all types of EDI needs.

We’re here to help you if you need EDI to be added to your ERP, OMS, WMS or any other software. Fully integrated EDI to achieve the growth you aspire for.

EDI Integration: What is it?

It is the e-communication of business messages (related to orders, invoices, credit notes, etc.) from your own EDI system to your own back-office, warehouse, CRM, or ERP systems, which eliminates having to re-key business information.

What you get?

You get end-to-end EDI solution that ensures easy implementation and our expert full-service team every step of the way to help you avoid lengthy IT projects.

What softwares do you need?

We have pre-built EDI integration solutions for hundreds of ERP, OMS, WMS systems. If we haven’t worked with your business system before, we can build it for you.

Fast turnaround set-up process of EDI system to eliminate the hassle of managing too many emails and manual data entries.

An EDI system helps provide:
  • Quick order processing
  • Easy documentation management (EDI 850, EDI 997, EDI 810)
    • EDI 850 allows buyers to easily place orders with sellers electronically. It contains initial order request details and is the first step in the ordering process.
    • EDI 997 acts as a digital receipt for delivery information. Trading partners can then confirm that they received the delivery information, as well as see if there were any data or formatting errors. This acts as a response to tell supply chain partners that information has been seen and accepted.
    • EDI 810 is an electronic invoice. Sellers send this to buyers to ask for payment for the products they delivered.
  • Real time tracking
  • Easy invoicing of bulk orders
  • Human error elimination
  • Labour cost reduction
Start your Testing Process

Has your business partner asked you to prove compliance by EDI testing (for your own or another 3rd party EDI software)? Don’t worry, we’re here.

How does it work?

Step 1: Connect with the consultants
Our consultants will guide you through your retailer’s specific requirements and technical specifications

Step 2: Connectivity testing
You and the consultant team will complete an exchange of test data. Each testing program incorporates a customized data set based on your retailer’s order management model and electronic trading requirements. This includes testing via order management model, VAN, AS2 or FTP

Step 3: Process validation
Post initial testing, the consultants will partner with you to ensure success into production when you begin fulfilling orders with your retail customer. At the end of testing, you will be EDI capable and fully prepared to exchange data with the retailer

Step 4: Get a trial of the SPS Fulfilment tool
The consultant team will guide you through the complete procedure of order processing experience and sample mapping experience for your IT team

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