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Interval Packaging

Save time with our scan and pack system which ensures packing accuracy with fixed number of SKUs packed together, giving the right number of units of shipping carton to the customer.

How it works?

Every item is scanned by a barcode scanner before being packed. If any barcode can’t be read by a scanner, the system will put it away, marking it misfit to be packed.
For example, if the decided quantity for a carton is 20 pieces solid SKU. The scan and pack system will be configured to pack a carton immediately after the scanning of 20 pcs. After completion of a carton, a shipping label will be generated and the scanner count will automatically reset to zero. In this way, there is no need to monitor the system to keep the right amount of SKUs in any carton, thus, saving time.

Code Grading

Putting a verification process in place is essential when you are responsible for delivering readable, in-spec barcodes. The true bar code verification process is the only way to ensure that the barcodes function properly.

  • Ensures 100% scanability and increases the scanning success rate
  • Prevents bad barcodes by recognizing the problem areas before they hamper the distribution channel.

How it works?

Bar code verification system checks quality and scanability by examining the optical characteristics of the code according to industry standards and specifications, based on how actual bar code scanners work.

Material Quality Assurance

Using Proper Consumable is essential. Consumable is one of the main part that helps avoid any supply issues – and thus we use proper consumables as per the printer.
We employ thermal transfer printing which is a high-performance method that ensures high durability, superb image resolution and longer print life – everything your barcode needs and should be!

Automated Order Processing (EDI)

Integrating the EDI system for important documentation is a part of enhancing the supply chain agility.
The system is an interaction between the buyer and the seller where the buyer generates a purchase order for the seller and the seller generates a final invoice for the buyer.

How it works?

  • Buyer chooses to buy the product
  • Using the automated EDI system installed at the buyers’ end, an EDI version of the purchase order is generated – clearly highlighting every detail of the order
  • Supplier receives the PO and responds back with the acknowledgement to provide a receipt for the order

Processing orders via EDI systems is less cumbersome, quicker and more accurate.

In-house Solutions

DIY solutions are ideal for clients with experience and expertise at managing barcodes at their end – and we make it easier by providing a range of printers and label consumables (materials and adhesives)

Printers Label Consumables
• XLP-60X • Labels for Manufacturing
• XLP-51X • Labels for Distribution and Logistics
• XLP-51X-TCS • Labels for Retailing
• Labels for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
• Labels for Security