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30 years of experience in barcode and EDI solutions to eradicate the supply change challenges


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Even the tiniest mistakes with your barcode could have the largest consequences.
When the barcodes don’t scan/work right, there is a disruption in the logistics and involvement of a large cost in order to correct the problem.


A chargeback is a fee or penalty imposed by a retailer for error-ridden barcodes on shipments received from vendors.


Logistically, there is reduced chances of shipment delays, delivery to the wrong destination and package losses.

Barcoding mistakes are avoidable, but sadly, they do happen when care is not taken during printing. Their outcomes have a domino effect and can ruin daily business operations. With our services and products, we hope to help you eliminate the odds of barcoding mishaps so you can enhance security, accuracy and productivity at your establishment.

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Interval Packaging

Save time with our scan and pack system which ensures packing accuracy with fixed number of SKUs packed together, giving the right number of units of shipping carton to the customer.

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Code Grading

Putting a verification process in place is essential when you are responsible for delivering readable, in-spec barcodes. The true bar code verification process is the only way to ensure that the barcodes function properly.

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Material Quality Assurance

Using Proper Consumable is one of the main part that helps avoid any supply issues – and thus we use proper consumables as per the printer.

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Automated Order Processing (EDI)

Integrating the EDI system for important documentation is a part of enhancing the supply chain agility.

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Do-It-Yourself Solutions

DIY solutions are ideal for clients with experience and expertise at managing barcodes at their end – and we make it easier by providing a range of printers and label consumables (materials and adhesives)

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